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Garage Floor Tiles and Epoxy Garage Flooring

Gold Coast Garage Storage has been providing professional garage floors and garage flooring solutions for many years. We are the garage floor coating, custom garage flooring and epoxy garage flooring experts of the Gold Coast and Southeast Queensland. With our highest priorities on customer service, professionalism, affordable prices, highest quality products, top-notch workmanship and extraordinary attention to detail, Gold Coast Garage Storage is determined to far exceed your highest expectations.

Garage Flooring Solutions Gold Coast

A new Garage Floor Coating always provides our customer with instant satisfaction. Our garage flooring products clean easily, look fantastic and allow you to walk barefooted without making a mess inside your house. A new Garage Floor from The Garage Organisers turns your Gold Coast Garage into another liveable area in your home.

We specialise in Garage Flooring Solutions around the greater Gold Coast area and are absolutely committed to providing a service that is unparalleled. We carry a variety of Garage Flooring Products to suit all budgets and can provide custom design solutions and comprehensive information to help make a great decision towards another wise investment in your home.

FastFloor Garage Floor Tiles

FastFloor Garage Tiles are a tough and flexible interlocking floor tile concept that has been developed to provide "instant" self-lay garage floor finishing for use in a wide variety of areas including heavy-duty and high traffic applications. Installing floor garage tiles requires no glues or dangerous chemicals, so there's no mess or toxic fumes - each interlocking-floor tile simply 'snaps' into place!

Whether you are just looking to cover up your cracked or stained Garage Floor or find a good-looking, easier to maintain surface than a concrete slab, interlocking garage tiles could be just the answer for you. Unlike concrete, an interlocking garage flooring system will not chip or stain, will last for many years with minimal upkeep needed, and is comfortable to walk and work on. If you would like an inexpensive and easy upgrade for your Gold Coast garage which you can do yourself in less than a day, instead of paint, coating, epoxy or other garage floor coverings, instead consider picking up some FastFloor Garage Tiles.

No garage, shop, showroom, trailer or office is complete without the ultimate in Interlocking garage tiles from Garage Storage Gold Coast. FastFloor is a patented interlocking tile system which measures 20cm squared (450mm x 450mm), 5mm high, carries a long warranty, and offers a wide variety of uses and applications beyond the garage floor.

Are FastFloor tiles just for garages?

FastFloor tiled floors are not only great for garages, but they are versatile and can be used in basements, patio areas, pool and spa areas, children's playrooms, shower areas, boat docks, commercial garages, trade shows and exhibitions, merchandise displays, home gyms, home offices and more. We offer tiled flooring in eight garage tile colours with literally hundreds of custom colour garage flooring combinations.

FastFloor Floor Tile Colors

To learn more about Garage Floor Tiles, call us today on 1 300 84 34 27 to speak with one of our Garage Flooring Experts or read more about Tiled Flooring Solutions for Garages on our parent site.

Epoxy Garage Flooring

Gold Coast Garage Storage has become the Gold Coast's #1 choice for top quality Garage Flooring and Garage Floor Coating Solutions. The secret to a great garage showroom starts with the floor and nothing looks more impressive than our Epoxy Garage Floor coverings.

Our Epoxy Garage Floor Coating will transform an ordinary concrete slab from a rough, easy to stain surface into a smooth, decorative statement. Our epoxy flooring system lets you customize your Gold Coast garage and express your unique style through a wide range of colourful choices. Similar to the appearance of granite and just as tough, you'll appreciate our beautiful and wide-ranging selection of Epoxy Garage Floor Finishings right away. If you don't find a colour to your liking, we can fully customize and blend the perfect floor colour for you, no problem. Epoxy flooring for your garage can be dramatic or subtle; the choice is yours. Either way, your home and garage will be the envy of the neighbourhood because of how much brighter, cleaner and more inviting your Gold Coast garage will be.

More than anything, our customers love the shiny-gloss look they get when we are done with the Epoxy Garage Floor Finishing. Easy to clean, resisting stains and tire markings, highly durable and maintaining a long lasting shine, our Epoxy Floor Coating products will beautify and protect your garage floors for years to come.

FastFloor Floor Tile Colors

What are some advantages of epoxy floor coatings?


  • Sanitary - no seams where germs can hide
  • Safe - slip-resistant
  • Easy to clean – just use a damp mop
  • Durable - abrasion & wear resistant
  • Resistant to solvents, chemicals and oils
  • Economical
  • Variable - Many Different Colour Selections
  • Great Adhesion to Concrete, Metal and Wood

To learn more about Epoxy Flooring, call us today on 1 300 84 34 27 to speak with one of our Garage Flooring Experts or read more about Epoxy Flooring Solutions for Garages on our parent site.