Gold Coast Garage Cabinets

Custom Storage Cabinets and Steel Cabinets

When choosing Storage Cabinets for your home storage system, Gold Coast Garage Storage has some great storage solutions to help you get organised by allowing you to create inspiring masterpieces of beauty and functionality. With the most extensive line of cabinetry products on the Gold Coast, Gold Coast Garage Storage has a Garage Cabinets Solution for every lifestyle and home storage need.

Garage Cabinet Solutions Gold Coast

Gold Coast Garage Storage uses only the toughest building materials during the manufacturing process of our storage systems. We have tested a variety of products and found that our cabinets were not only durable, but also very attractive in the garage. Your Gold Coast Garage Storage Expert will help you select an assortment of products that enable you to:

  • Find a balance between accessible storage systems and enclosed storage systems
  • Optimize your home storage potential and looks with various garage shelving styles and lengths
  • Create a built-in look with coordinated custom garage cabinet units or storage enclosures
  • Match your storage needs with the optimal weight capacities of each storage cabinet

Steel Garage Cabinets

Tough, beautiful and modern - Garage Buddy Steel Cabinets are the apex of garage cabinetry storage solutions. Being the envy of every other room of the house, these storage cabinets will make everyone say "WOW" every time you open your Gold Coast garage!

Our Steel Storage Cabinets come in four different sizes and configurations but can be arranged in hundreds of different ways to create a variety of storage systems for all applications, not just as tool storage cabinets. All of our Steel Garage Cabinets are finished off with a two-tone baked-on powder-coated finish and the doors and drawers are all key-lockable to keep all your belongings safely stored. All our Steel Storage Cabinets come safely flat-packed with full comprehensive assembly instructions. We can assemble and install the Steel Garage Cabinets for you at a nominal cost.

Whether you are looking for a piercing new modern look for garage storage or you are a car enthusiast wanting to create your very own 'race shop', Garage Buddy Steel Cabinets offer the flexible and modular options you need.

To learn more about Steel Cabinets, call us today on 1 300 84 34 27 to speak with one of our Garage Storage Cabinet Experts or read more about Steel Cabinets for Garages on our parent site.

Custom Garage Cabinets

Custom cabinets for the garage are the best way to utilise the available space in your Gold Coast garage. Many homeowners find themselves in need of extra storage, but there are no available closets or space in the basement or attic. As your Gold Coast Garage Storage experts, we provide modern storage solutions to a problem that dates back many years by utilising the unused areas of your garage and designing you a Custom Garage Cabinet System that works for you year after year. We have the expert knowledge to improve your home and garage by adding attractive garage storage space to an underutilised and cluttered garage.

Our garage storage experts will assess your garage space and design a Garage Storage Cabinet System to utilise every available square millimetre optimally. You will have plenty of room for your car without worrying about hitting the doors or ruining the paint. In effect, we can re-design your garage with storage cabinets to give you the most usable space humanly possible. With custom cabinets, your Gold Coast garage can become a much-needed storage room, and you won't have to worry about moisture or pests of any type getting into your valuables if they are safely stored in your Custom Built Garage Cabinets.

Along with the benefit of more storage space, our Custom Cabinets are available in attractive colours because we believe in total satisfaction, and that includes visual appeal as well as quality products. Your custom cabinets shouldn't be just an ordinary place to store items, the cabinets should also add to the appearance of your Gold Coast garage. Not only will these cabinets help organise your clutter; they will most definitely add value to your home as well, so it's a wise investment if you plan on selling your house down the line. Whether you need the storage for yourself, or you need to update your home to sell, our Custom Garage Cabinets are without a doubt an excellent investment.

To learn more about Custom Storage Cabinets, call us today on 1 300 84 34 27 to speak with one of our Garage Storage Cabinet Experts or read more about Custom Storage Cabinets for Garages on our parent site.

Garage Enclosures and Storage Closets

We are one of the pioneers in Garage Storage Ideas which is why we came up with our Garage Enclosures, also known as Garage Storage Closets. We believe that in certain situations nothing can come close to Garage Storage Enclosures as a Garage Storage Solution. These Custom Garage Storage Closets can be designed and built to your exact requirements and have the advantage that they can store your bulkiest items out of sight and out of the way.

We design these Garage Storage Closets with your lifestyle, hobbies and needs in mind. We organise the inside with your choice of shelving solutions or Garage Grids leaving the floor space open for Lawnmowers, Large Eskies or other bulky items. We can also wrap the outside with TidyWall Garage Storage Panels which not only looks good, more importantly, it gives you even more storage capacity be utilising your walls.

Our Garage Storage Closets can be free-standing or we can add Garage Storage Cabinets on the outside to reduce the overall bulky look of these enclosures. We have designed plenty of these Garage Enclosures that we can guarantee it will look like it belongs in your Garage, not just something that was a late addition.

To learn more about Storage Enclosures and Storage Closets, call us today on 1 300 84 34 27 to speak with one of our Garage Storage Cabinet Experts or read more about Storage Closets and Enclosures for Garages on our parent site.